For the Parents

Some things to keep in mind;

1. We are not a day care. Parents are encouraged to stay, but are by no means required. Whomever participates in our program (children or adults) must want to be here and must respect the other members. Participants who ridicule or bully others, or who are simply showing up to goof off  while their parents go shopping will not be accepted (showing up to participate while their parents shop is perfectly fine).

2. We may touch on subjects that might offend your sensibilities. For instance religion and politics will likely never be a focus point with younger audiences, however we are not going to limit our discussions to avoid such talking points. Should these subjects arise, we will engage (keeping open minds and accepting other members beliefs of course).

3. We will provide snacks/beverages for each event. Please advise us of any dietary restrictions so that we can provide refreshments acceptable for everyone.