Welcome to the Academy!

Welcome to the Academy!

Computer gaming

We are going to introduce Scratch and work more in the art programs we already explored. Scratch is a block coding program aimed at younger audiences that teaches them how computer code is assembled. Using this program we can make a basic computer game utilizing the artwork we create!


About Us

Our overarching goal is to create lasting friendships rooted in critical thinking and debate. We want to cultivate a community where more people appreciate learning new things and instinctively digest and question what they are observing or hearing from others.

We hope to achieve this by combining a fast paced environment with truly fun experiments and projects along with explanations to what we are observing. Making math or science fun is not a new idea, but the presentation and community involvement is something that we feel will be impactful and enduring in both the longevity of the program and the memories it creates for those that participate.

The inspiration for our name comes from Albert Einstein and his conclave of friends that met regularly in Bern, Switzerland to discuss mathematics, physics, philosophy and other academic endeavors of the day. They began calling themselves the Akademie Olympia (the Olympia Academy) as a tongue-in-cheek jest aimed toward the more formal and prestigious clubs of which they were not welcomed at the time. Albert and the other founders (Conrad Habicht and Maurice Solovine) began their meetings in 1902 and the bond they forged lasted the rest of their lives (1955 for Albert and 1958 for Conrad and Maurice).